Why Fly
With Us?

Value Proposition

Aerial storytelling will help you rise above the competition. Think of it like switching on the afterburners for getting your story noticed. We strongly believe that "How You Say It" is just important as "What You Say". Sky Pilot will help you "Say it Right"™.

Our Crew

We operate as a two man crew, sort of like Maverick and Goose from Top Gun. One is a highly skilled pilot (who also flies real planes), and a veteran camera operator who works the magic. Don't be alarmed if they start singing Great Balls of Fire!

Video Quality

When you fly the best drone, you shoot the best quality video. Our camera shoots 4K, which is basically the sharpest video out there. This allows our Top Gun caliber editor to work wonders, doing things most people thought impossible (like a 4G inverted dive with a Mig-28). When it comes to the final product, we deliver our videos in 1080p, unless otherwise specified.

Oh we forgot to mention we also take beautiful still images!


Unfortunately, sometimes mother nature prevents us from getting airborne... and that bums us out.

Although we can fly in most conditions, we don't fly in rain, snow, temperatures below -10C and winds over 25 kph (that's 13.5 knots in pilot speak.) In the event of poor weather, we'll reschedule free of charge.


Our drone is covered with $5,000,000 liability insurance. We fly within Transport Canada regulations and have a 100% safety record.

"Any of you boys seen an aircraft carrier around here?" - Maverick

Operational Environment

Our drone can fly practically anywhere, inside and out (within reason). Typically shooting in downtown environments is frowned upon due to strict regulations, but anywhere else and we're pretty much cleared for take off!

Did we mention we also operate off our own Aircraft Carrier? It's not exactly a Nimitz Class carrier, but we offer naval-like capabilities in the 1000 Islands region out of our Gananoque office for a minor extra cost.

Drone Specs
Flight Specs

Aircraft: DJI Inspire 1

Retractable Gear: For full 360 degree 4K camera operation
Carbon Fiber Fuselage Construction: Same material used in the F-22 Raptor
Gimbaled Camera: For ultra-steady shooting
2 Person Operation: For brilliant video production
Max Speed: 79.2 km/h
Max Ascent Speed: 18 km/h
Max Decent Speed: 14.4 km/h
Max Flight Altitude: 400 feet (121m) due to regulations (We can go much higher, but we're not the type to buzz the tower when told not to)
Operating Temperature Range: -10° to 40° C
Max Flight Time: Approximately 18 mins per battery (we have 5 of them so lots of flight time plus a mobile charging station to refuel on location)