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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Chief Pilot first soloed in a Cessna 172 when he was 14 years old from Toronto's Billy Bishop airport. 14 years later he still loves flying and putting our drones camera exactly where it needs to be. He ensures we are registered with Transport Canada and up to date on all filings.

Our Director of Photography is a full member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, (CSC) a designation that has to be earned and judged by the industry. All our camera persons are professionals who make their living understanding composition, camera movement and how to make the most of natural light.

They are the best. Even Apple likes to borrow them now and again to fine tune their edit products. Our parent company is an Apple Developer.

We have the best equipment and skilled people. We like what we do and we're fun to work with. We are registered with Transport Canada and carry $5 million in liability insurance. We help you imagine what is possible and we can go further beyond the flight and create something special if you like.

Our drone shoots 4k video or 12 megapixel stills. Typically if we are creating a video after the shoot, we edit in Final Cut X (the same used by Hollywood) and input a wide variety of design and image manipulation software to create a final product in 1080P.

A drone is nothing more than a remote camera platform. Flown properly there is no issue with privacy. We ensure that people who are nearby are aware of what we are doing. We don't invade people's privacy nor do we do anything to put an individual or property at risk.

We have flown over water and land and inside buildings. Each situation is assessed before we accept the job through a discussion with our client and research with Google Earth and Streetview. Crowded public spaces like a downtown city can require specific permissions. Private property and rural locations are easier to prep for. We fly all over Ontario with 2 hour access from either our Toronto office or 1000 Islands location in Gananoque. With permission in advance, we also have flown in upstate New York.

In a word... no. In the course of filming, during take offs, landings and in-sky positioning, we often capture imagery beyond what is intended. To protect the privacy and property of others, we will remove these shots from the captured media and transfer only the intended material to a digital folder. This will be done at our offices and uploaded next day to a private password protected video streaming website. Only you, or those you give the password to, will be able to view your material. At the same time we will transfer your footage selects to a portable hard drive to be transferred to you for your use. When shooting still photographs, we shoot RAW image quality to enable professional and precise image adjustment. We can transfer the files to you in RAW format or we can fine tune and enhance the images ready to print for $20 per image. We will post them for you and transfer the large size files to you for future use. If you prefer us to manage the printing for you, we can quote separately on paper or other print media based on quality, quantity and sizing. For canvas printing, we offer our own full package on this site.

Pricing Details

It's your choice, one or the other. Most clients want 1080P because the quality is superb and it's easy to edit. 4K editing and viewing equipment is not in the mainstream and for most uses, 4K provides little benefit to the end user. Just let us know which you prefer.

Copyright is an automatic function of creating something under Canadian Law. In order that you have full use of the footage, we transfer you a full "commercial licensing agreement".